An Avatar’s journey from “Womb to Tomb”

Man as an avatar of God’s creation. How is he supposed to travel his life journey and how is he living it? A big question to be thought about

Before taking a deep dive into this article, I would wholeheartedly thank my inspiring role model & Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji for creating all sparks of imagination in my mind.

Its high time for each one of us to make a self-appraisal

We are well aware of the common word – RIP (Rest in peace).Yes, we are fortunate to know, see & experience all the stages of human life – from Crib to Crematorium. Whereas have we ever thought of making our life a beautiful journey in the present?

We face life as it is, we keep marching, we keep running and every time we do a copycat process and we keep doing it. Have we ever stopped and planned on gardening our own life, unfortunately we have not. Though we plan meticulously, I feel really bad to say that we plan everything based on number game, yes Time &Money.

Have we ever planned our life stage with happiness, love, and joy as prime factors?

Have we ever thought of a life without anxiety, ego, stress, anger, jealousy, hurry, etc. Though all of us know the end game of our own life, we are unable to plan our beautiful life leaving all the above disheartening factors.

The core reason behind this lacuna in planning is we do not spend time thinking of our travel plan, we forget to look into it. We were proactive in copying others whereas we were not proactive in looking within us, What is inside me? What do I want now? What does my mind long for? and Why does it want? Then comes the question how do I get it?

We were curious about listening to others whereas we didn’t bother to listen to our inner voice that always speaks to us. And so we curtail the conversation at the beginning itself without minding it. Why? We highly respond to physical presence, images, objects whereas we are least bothered about our mental images and objects.

So, its time now to introspect and spend some time to know the stages of human life and its uniqueness

           Stage         Age Unique gift

Conception & Pre-natal

Pre-birth Potential
Birth Hope
Infancy Infancy 0-3 Vitality
Childhood Early Childhood 3-6 Playfulness
Middle Childhood 6-8 Imagination
Late Childhood 8-11 Ingenuity
Adolescence Adolescence 12-20 Passion


Early adulthood 20-35 Enterprise
Midlife 35-50 Contemplation
Mature adulthood 50-70 Benevolence
Late adulthood 70+ Wisdom
Tomb Death & Dying Life

And so with all these stage-wise unique gifts, do we plan our journey? So, what does my mind want for when I touch my late adulthood? Do I regret what I have done and what I was unable to do?

A man starts tapping his mind on the following factors as he takes a transitional shift from infancy to adult:

As we grow, all the following grows:


When all these are known for several decades and centuries, how we are going to tap on what is required, and how do we acquire the same.

How do we structure our life?

Are we able to answer the following? (Try to answer the below as one of the best creations of God)*(Forget your designation/position*)


To structure ourselves, our existing life pattern needs to be cleansed and systemized slightly.

Here comes the Life Clinic Chart for easy understanding:



           Stage Clinic type         Age Avatar/Self gift

Conception & Pre-natal

My Mom clinic Yoga & music
Reading & listening to Inspirational stories
Infancy My Neonatal clinic 0-3 Immune wellness & Fine motor exercises
Childhood My Fortunes Clinic 3-6 Identifying all LSRW skills and predominant intelligence.
Adolescence My Study Clinic 12-20 Tapping knowledge and relevant skills to get self-positioned.


My Actual Assets Clinic 20-35 1.      Learning how to operate the entire life on love and gratitude.

2.      Doing all self-healing exercises regularly to say bye-bye to all hormonal disorders.

3.       Understanding the importance of sharing, caring & pairing & executing the same.

4.       Being self -dependent in all our physical movements.

My Healing Clinic 70+ Sensing the last stage and singing happily, being independent chatting, walking, laughing like a 2 year old baby, etc becomes the wonderful and most fortunate events in 70+

Connecting heartily & happily to each other without expectations and with gratitude keeps the Womb to Tomb journey a much remarkable one with a great signature effect.