Do I know that.….”I am the mind?”

Do I accept the fact that my mind and brain are two different and unique spheres? Do I understand that my personality has two sides like both external & internal? Do I trust that I am in a world of emotions?

–  by Khayalvizhi Vaithianathan

Before taking a deep dive into this, I would wholeheartedly thank my inspiring role model & Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji for creating all sparks of imagination in my mind.

We know that our brain is the epicenter of all our emotions both positive and negative. We understand primarily only two languages- Yes its, Love and Anger. These two words are the most powerful energy pack in the universe.

The one-letter word “ I is the workshop that generates many inconsistent impulses…as a result of which we do not have control over ourselves and are compelled to bear the burden of “I” word – disruption. Though the brain shows its expertise in thinking, planning, strategizing, etc. mind does not think. It has nothing to do with society/anyone else. It’s complete in its self.

My brain might have ‘n’ number of needs and I know that it is ambitious by nature. On the other hand, my mind does not require anything but for its ‘mood’. So, for me, my joy becomes highest source of energy.

Once each moment pass by, as my mind desires, it doesn’t need anything else. As a result, it does not care about its positive or negative moments. Instead, it simply flows and it’s with these reasons all the finest creations flow from within the mind.

On analyzing deep into this, I understand that the thinking of the brain is getting limited only to this birth whereas the mind act based on controls extending to infinity and beyond.

How does my mind connect with my brain and surroundings?

Talking about this in detail, we need to agree on the fact that so many of us do not understand the differences between mind and brain. We understand that brain has got its physical existence and the mind is simply a composition of incidences and it could not be quantified.

Our brain gets sharper or weaken based on its experience and it gets enhanced by energy. At the same time, it is a different case concerning the mind. It gets fuelled by the great one-word mantra “ENERGY” of a human being. It is completely a world of emotions.

Mind is creative and it remains as a sole domain where the world begins and ends in the mind. It is also an expert in cosmic controls. The brain is tricky by nature and so using logic as its tool, it continuously engages itself in proving its own as right and the other side of people or condition as wrong.

Protecting and up-keeping it is the trained annoyance task of the brain. Brain trains or compels one to live in fear as it is unaware of mysteries.

Comparatively, my mind is very simple and straightforward. It says that “ I am the way I am”. When the mind does not think, there is no room for the question.. ” Where is logic & why to be logic”. The mind does not know to discriminate between right or wrong, mine or yours and so how does the question of harming or saving someone arise?

To whom should the mind exhibit and from whom should it hide? There is no answer to this question. As a result, the mind makes one live fearlessly as it is aware of all mysteries.

Thus, we need to understand both the mind and brain have both a positive and a negative side to it. A clear balancing & tweaking between mind & brain can only make one’s life happy, joyful, and successful.

As we all know, surroundings and circumstances greatly influence one’s life and the effect of influences created by the external factors affects man and his mind. The fact is that irrespective of the external factors of a man, one should realize that mind is always present in everyone in equal measure.

The mind always keeps its Super Conscious state intact. Realizing this, any human being with the support of mind power can make all the external factors futile and reach the peak of the achievement zone.

Once I know my mind, I master myself

As we all know, the brain is located at the apex of the human body whereas the mind, at the navel. Expectations are an integral part of humankind. It exists as long as human life exists.

The desire for change is the root cause for expectation. Getting propelled by this desire, man expands his circle of relationships with certain expectations. So, now the expectations between two grow and when it is not met, bitterness begins to brew and because of involvement (grown under the tail of expectations), the person is neither able to vent out his animosity in its whole nor can put an end to the relationship.

Henceforth, throughout his life, he is obliged to walk the lifeless mile of this kind of relationship.

And so does it mean that one should have expectations? Certainly not. There is nothing wrong with having a desire for change. All that is, it has to be limited to one.

For example, if I am unhappy with the life that I have, then I should have a desire to change something in myself. Expecting to make a desired change in the other / circumstance forms the base for all sufferings.

When it is my life, I should make changes.. instead, I think of changing the design of a structured house in the name of astrology and horoscope. How intellect am I? So, the right to change is limited to me alone and so I realize how difficult it is to change.

Have we ever able to get rid of fear, anger, worries, etc.? that too even after trying several times. We were not able to… completely. Henceforth, when we are not able to change ourselves, how fair is it to expect a change in other individuals? So, it has to be strongly decided that unless I take a transformation for myself, I should not attempt to expect changes in the other.

Therefore, self-acceptance stands as a notch-head. Beginning to accept others as the way they are is very important. Accepting self and others will instantaneously weaken both involvement and expectation.

This would result in a striking balance between the brain and the mind and help one to understand negativities and teach us the way to deal with the same and make it as a positive signal and thereby helps one to utilize the power of minds to scale up the success ladder.

The above is an instance of one’s life flow…Many more instances are there to share and care for.

Yes, now I understand….”I am the one around whom my entire life revolves. I understand that the spectrum of my complexities and my powers are extremely wide.”

I do realize that I am teeming with astonishing powers that once I tap them, I can become the master of my own life and can for other’s life as well.