Our LG (Love & Gratitude) Factor & its impact


Love and Gratitude, the vital LG factor though not prominent but it is high time we should understand that it is a knock-up call forever …..

Love is the light in a Heart filled with Gratitude..

–  by Khayalvizhi Vaithianathan

Before taking a deep dive into this article, I wholeheartedly thank my inspiring role model & Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji for creating all sparks of imagination in my mind.

This COVID19 pandemic has taught all of us a lot in life in all spheres. We know that all the religions say “Love Everyone”. Religion says “Embrace Everyone” because Body &Mind are not two different entities.. it is the SOUL. It does not know how to differentiate whereas it knows only ONENESS.

The Universe makes us harvest what we sow.  When we sow the seeds of joy & happiness, we get the same in abundance and the same gets multiplied when done continuously. Similarly, when we sow the seeds of anger, lust, depression, jealousy etc. we get the same multiplied.

Here, the mind is also very important as it enables us to understand and analyze the perceptions of soul and life on earth, witnessing the facts that “I am the soul”.

How Body, Mind, and Soul are connected to each other?

We need to understand that body and mind are aspects of me, whereas I become the soul. Even when the body is not healthy, the soul, the true self remains energetic, vibrant, and exists full of life.

Similarly, when the mind becomes negative at times, the soul remains wholesome, innocent and clean.  The soul which is part of the Almighty – it came from Him and ends with Him only and therefore Soul becomes an untouchable one.

Henceforth, whatever happens to body and mind, the soul remains intact and it does not know to perform a dual role….instead, it knows only Oneness. Loving each other unconditionally and caring for fellow beings is the best thing we have to do in our lifetime. In a world where we can do so much good to so many being ourselves, why do we keep ourselves busy to impress people by rupturing our subconscious nature?

We don’t bother to understand the ultimate action of our game-changer, the Almighty. Instead, we listen to a lawmaker externally while forgetting to awaken our inner helper consciously.

Fusion of Life

When love plays a pivotal role, Gratitude is another prime factor that spins around love which unlocks the fullness of life. Being thankful for each moment, person, material etc keeps the flow of abundance as a cascade. This thankfulness keeps our soul to stay strong and silent in all adverse conditions. Expression of gratitude brings silent currents of change and gaining power in every challenge and all the more it shares happiness with an awesome realization in our minds. It taps the secretion of happiness hormones at a greater level.

Life is a fusion of both Love &Gratitude and it’s high time we realize the fact that it is the process of creation that drives a man throughout. Reluctant to see the treasure in hand and searching for the same somewhere else is ridiculous and a waste of time. Keeping the soul at the center and making the LG factor revolve around the soul empowers the journey of life.

Thus, the unique LG factor has just one purpose…. to discover real happiness & purpose of birth in one’s own real life.