MY STORY BOX with my K-12 memories

How do I make my school journey the most memorable & treasurable one?

  • By Khayalvizhi Vaithianathan

Creating a story box for myself by thinking out of the box enthralled me to spin on the concept of accumulating events and memories of my first 15 years of journey. This thought brought out the real joy and happiness from within even after years and years of my school life.

Before taking a deep dive into this, I would wholeheartedly thank my inspiring role model &Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji, ACHARIYA World Class Education, Puducherry in igniting my brain withcreativity and imagination and being a strong backbone in helping me conceptualizing these ideas into a working model for schools students.

Gone are the days where we really documented our experiences/expressions through diary writing, greeting cards, painting, etc.

Now the scenario has completely changed with the hyper lead into digitized world.And so self-analysis could help one on the most interesting adventure of one’s life.

Yes, it is the adventure of self. And so, here comes the question:

  1. How efficient am I?
  2. What are my potentials?
  3. How much can I improve?

Taking a short tour into my memory…..the small part of my entire system… my memory perfect?

Am I able to recall everything whatever I have done, learned or heard like every phone number, names?

So, it means that self-analysis just improves memory. No, it actually speeds up reaction time. It could make quite a lot of changes.

Self-analysis should be able to help distinctly and it’s the matter of how young or old one may look. Above all, it is the matter of plain ordinary ability to be happy in life and enjoy things.

All that I’m trying to tell is that- expressions/adventures are grey if a little excitement doesn’t crop up.

The way to happiness requires that one set a good example for others and it is always on its route by loving & helping the children from babyhood to the brim of adult life.

What is “My Story Box”?

“My Story Box” is a treasure house of a student /child in his school life. Starting from his toddler stage, he slowly gets to know the outer world. All his five senses become much active. Henceforth, capturing each & every movement of the child as he grows physically is a treasure where moments can only be cherished and cannot be reversed.

This above box contains the core 21 episodes of a student/child K-12 life. The uniqueness of this box is, it does not contain academic progress report, instead it would contain his/her happiness and accomplishments report on his personal growth, likes & dislikes, etc.

Well, this kind of special focus makes this project a very unique and a more successful one.

Why is it important?

Top 5 reasons:

1 When memories diminish, document speaks
2 Rewinding memories rejuvenates all happiness hormones
3 Helps to compare with generations
4 Enables one to travel his life as a multitasking personality
5 Dwelling on this  “My Story Box” takes him to a mastery domain of his thoughts


My Story Box- Core 21 episodes


S- Sincere & Sequential

T- Task based

O- Outcome

R- Rewound & Remembered with Rejoice

Y- Year 2 to ‘n’ number of years


CORE 21 episodes:

  1. My Birth Certificate: The most important document of life submitted as a laminated copy in the story box
  2. My Personal Details: Details include height, weight, color, physical wellness etc from KG to Class 12
  3. My Photo Gallery: Photos of the student/child showing every year’s growth starting from KG to class 12 and the same must be posted in the album
  4. My DMIT profile – DMIT profiling done in his/her Class 2 to identify the predominant intelligence of the child
  5. My Multiple Intelligence& Skills: Based on the DMIT report, child’s multiple intelligence & relevant skills are tapped
  6. My Cherishable Moments: Listing out all beautiful & happy moments every month
  7. My Favorites: At each stage, choice differs. The same is listed out against various options given in the card
  8. My Goal: Deciding on the goal at the early stage once the intelligence is identified. And executing the same with a micro planner
  9. My STUDY Chart: Habitometer chart is framed with subjects for 100% learning curve
  10. My People Connect: Listing out circle of connects and getting the interpersonal intelligence tapped
  11. My eSps: Enriching activities (36 cards) for self-positioning skills are practiced
  12. My Dream: Visualizing & pasting pictures of all the nine items given in the box
  13. My Spiritual world: Learning & practicing yoga, meditating and living the life as a King or Queen
  14. My Accomplishments: Listing out all awards & rewards with photos & description in album
  15. My Routines: Listing out activities on early to rise & early to bed. Charting out “to-do list“ for each day
  16. My Thrills: Pasting all photos of enthralling moments in an album every year
  17. My Scribblings: All trial & error versions of paintings, poems, stories, etc. in a diary called “My Scribblings”
  18. My Savings: Children start from Piggy bank & end up with real banking procedure thereby tapping financial intelligence
  19. My Gratitude book: Rewinding on all parts of the journey and counting on all the blessings. Writing very often with gratitude for everything & everyone
  20. My Inspiring role models: Writing in detail about the inspiring personalities in both personal & professional life
  21. My Signature effect: Doing all tasks with full energy and learning spirit makes one to create a big impact in whatever he does and thereby he leaves his signature effect in the end of his K12 journey


This K12 journey captured in My Story box captivates one’s emotional and happiness quotient very deeply thereby giving him an enthralling experience and by giving a transitional shift from a simple Zero to a Super Heroes well.