When did I see God, My Almighty?

Did I see God really? Were my eyes& mouth wide open? Did I become speechless? Did my lungs stop its process?Did my arteries & veins forget to do its function?

Yes, that was an amazing and end to end enthralling episode of my personal experience which made me breathless for several days.

Before taking a deep dive into this, I would wholeheartedly thank my inspiring role model & Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji for creating all sparks of imagination in my mind.

It was a great and pleasant evening when I was happily watering all my lovely plants in my terrace garden. All leaves were moving their heads with a very big smile in the breeze. What a lovely scene it was.

After admiring the scenic beauty of Mother nature, I was climbing down back to my living room when I had an unfortunate fall off the staircase.  Due to the impact, my left legindex toe bone had a dislocation and have to undergo some immediate medical treatment and rest for few weeks.

Seeing the dislocation, I profusely thanked my Almighty for neither breaking my backbone nor the head which would have given me more stress and pain. I used to be proud & happy seeing my beautiful legs and fingers and never had I realized that this beauty is because of the proper positioning of all bones in its place and was proactively planned by the Almighty years ago.

When tears rolled down my eyes out of pain and dislocation of my index toe, now turned out into a thunder cry recalling the beauty of my past periods….the way I walked, the way I danced, the way I ran….what not…..What a tremendous help God has done all these days by fixing everything in its place…yes I realized those wonderful days where the Almighty shouldered me even without asking….have I ever thought about that….have I ever thanked meticulously…..yes now I realized the value of the presence only in its absence….now for the first time, I see the Creator and His Creation with a graceful eyes only when I lost it.

Great….second time when I saw Him is during the current pandemic times. Gone are the days when I cooked, packed, locked and walked to office. Where are those busy days? Where are those on-time salaries? Where are those expenditure lists with zero calculation? Where are those quantum of joy & happiness when we see all at home at a time?

Yes, now all days have become Sundays and all days as Holidays. Did we ever expect this horrid days in our lifetime? Did we long for this kind of happiness at home? Where is the life ever filled with thrills…at office, home, shopping etc. gone?

Now everything is one and the same….no fun, no thrill, no hurry…all moments move with the same speed.

Yes, now oxygen and blood has become important for each of us to survive. Gone were the days whengot our full pay… gone were the days with parties and celebration modes.

Now these calculated minutes, calculated money, calculated moments…..Makes me now turn back to God and say thank you for shouldering me all these days wherein I was ruthless in not realizing it as a golden gift which was given by you every month even without asking for it.

And so again I see God/His presence in the absence of regular flow.

Thirdly, when my husband received a phone call from his company that there was a fire accident in the power plant division. I was breathless to hear that and now my hands pleaded God and I whispered to Him that Thank you dear Almighty. Kindly save the injured and thank you from the bottom of heart for my husband being safe and with total wellness in front of my eyes. I pray Almighty that my husband come back home safe from work everyday after experiencing this incident.

I now realized the toughest pain and suffering and understood how loss would mean to any individual. I also understood the value of presence when I heard about the absence and thus I met God, the Almighty for the third time.

It was the fourth time when I really got stunned by His creation and starred at Him continuously for the same.

My mobile got slipped from my hand and fell in water. This made me out of reach with my outside world as my mobile became dead and had to be serviced to make it work again. I had to miss all my office and personal calls, work got obstructed and due to pandemic I was not in a position to get this serviced or buy a new one.

I had to plead my son to give his phone for my back-up use and was asked them to get my SIM replaced and install all relevant applications for my use. My kids were saying “Ma…..your data are more, all WhatsApp groups get  mixed together….we will get phone hanging issues etc that apps are getting clogged which made me dependent on my kids for one small incident.

Yes now I recalled the golden days where I was like a free bird and self-dependent. How generous the Almighty was with me. Never ever I thanked the Almighty for giving me such a beautiful and worthy positioning even in mobile usage concept.

Yes, now I flipped over my memories where I was like a queen in my daily  life.Now I saw God with tears in my eyes.

Lastly and most importantly, I saw Him and bowed my head down with total gratitude from the bottom of my heart for activating & keeping all my five sense organs at its proper metabolic pace….yes I did this when I flipped over the news channels and heard about Corona death rates every day.

Though all the above may appear trifling to the readers, actually it matters a lot to the individual….it makes all difference in one’s life.

Yes….I saw God –the Almighty….His presence and His presents to me in the absence of the same…….

All invaluable, most treasurable and incredible moments of my life.