As a Teacher, How do we ensure students get motivated in the right direction?


Before taking a deep dive into this, I would like to thank my inspiring role model & Chief Mentor Dr. J. Arawindhan Ji for creating all sparks of imagination in my mind.

Do lessons, books, worksheets, and other study materials in the educational world excite students about learning, and are they willing to work hard without motivation?

Motivation stands as a key factor in the success and career growth of students in their education path and to make it happen, teachers, parents & friends play an important and active role in shouldering them every during the entire learning journey.

In the modern era, many educated & experienced teachers lack the relevant skills to keep students on track. So irrespective of being a new teacher or an experienced one, we can follow the below methods to motivate & inspire students and also help them to spot-on their real potential to make them successful in the career.

Top 5 prerequisites to ensure before you motivate:

1. Do you give students a sense of control over the classroom happenings?

Teachers should allow students to choose the type of assignments they want to do or problems they like to work on so that it will give them a sense of control and also motivate them to do more.

2. Are students clear about their learning objectives?

At the beginning of the academic year, prepare a plan for every student with clear objectives, rules, and expectations to avoid any confusion during the academic year. This will also make the students work in achieving the desired goals.

3. Is the learning environment threat-free?

When we create a safe, caring environment for students, upholding the belief in their capabilities, students are more likely to get and stay motivated to do their work and achieve the goal.

4. Are students given individual responsibility?

Deputing students with classroom jobs is also one of the great ways to build a community with good networking and communication skills that will give students a sense of motivation. Students see classroom jobs as a privilege rather than a burden and will work hard to ensure that they, and other students, are meeting expectations. Turn duties make more sense and make each feel more important and valued.

5. Are they allowed to work together?

Social interaction/workshops can get them motivated about things in the classroom and they can motivate at the peer level to reach a goal. Teachers need to ensure that groups are well-adjusted and open-minded so that students aren’t doing more work and being hyperactive than others.

What comesnext in Motivation?

Top 10 Must Do’s in teaching job:

1. Raise their spirits for self-reflection
2. Tap enthusiasm for learning
3. Knowing each student and help them to find ultimate motivation
4. Connect students interests & enable opportunities for success
5. Managing student concern
6. Making goals high and attainable
7. Give learning feedback and chances to improve
8. Tracking time to time progress
9. Making things fun and positive
10. Teach Life Skills and Human Values to make each student a successful person