What are Life skills& what is it made up of?

–  by KhayalvizhiVaithianathan

Skillsets those that empower peopleto lead a happy and purposeful lifeby accomplishing a greater level with their potentials are known as Life skills.

People with adequate life skills plan their life journey well. For designing a meaningful life, essential matters like – mental wellbeing, self-awareness skills, emotional skills, etc. are much important for humanity.

Top FIVE factors building Life skills:

All these top 5 factors are laid as a strong base for building life skills in any individual.

These factors must be taught and demonstrated to children as they grow up both at school and home. By doing so, we can handhold in the upbringing of children as whole, mentally strong and resilient young adults.

Life skills can be applied as a module or as individual exercises and it has to be a blended syllabi along with subject framework. Classes must be allotted in the time table slot as a regular period for Life skill education.

Instead of seeing this as quarterly pep-up session or yearly training session, it has to be taught and practiced at schools as a life-time mentoring sessions.

Life skills help individuals and groups to successfully take grip-in of issues and solve problems which they commonly come across in daily life.

Life skills Mentoring Sessions:

Mentoring sessions must include content and skills for creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, tolerance, communicating  and collaborating skills, personal and social responsibility skills, etc– all these have to be considered as  “MUST & VITAL“skills for success in the 21st century for any individual.

Life skills SPIN upon concerns that are:

Real, practical, interesting, sensitive, purposeful, controversial, moral (what people think is right or wrong, sensible or senseless, good or bad, important or unimportant), reliable, etc