Peace is the state of calmness within.  It is a state of continuous being. Self- understanding is a must phenomenon for understanding peace. Peace is a feel of contentment and it stays permanent. This feel is the gateway for happiness.

To achieve this state of calmness, our mind should be kept open to find good in everything. Actually when our mind starts seeing no badness, our heart will have no reason to say no to happiness. It becomes wide open and keeps recognizing real & pure happiness.

Therefore, letting go of happiness leads one to actual happiness. The most important way to find contentment in life is to live a very simple life as much as we can. Though there are many choices in life, we cannot choose everything at a time.

First of all, we need to understand the fact that we cannot please or satisfy everyone and above there is no necessity to answer everyone every time. The only person whom we are answerable is “SELF”.

Trying several ways to please everyone is not at all a practical one and it cannot be realistic as well. The best thing what we can do first of all, is we need to take care of ourselves”.

It’s high time we find ways to simplify our routines and so when we do, we get more time for ourselves and we could get much more relaxing hours in a day’s time.

Happiness is something which changes from time to time. It is not permanent. It is dependent on many factors like materials, situations, people, etc and it lasts only for few seconds/minutes/hours. It’s a temporary mood booster. It gives excitement without control and it is not aware of the hidden consequences of timely pleasure. It urges one to have control of others and situations.

As a result, this sense of urge turns into expectations and when the expectations are not fulfilled, it becomes frustration. Therefore, Happiness vanishes away.

On the other hand, peace is a sense of long-term and permanent of pleasure surmounted with inner calmness. Even in nothingness, it remains the same. When we are at peace, we do not require having control over anything. Instead everything comes under our control just like that. When we are in the state of calmness, our value goes up and our words are respected like commandments.


Henceforth, let’s take ourselves a break and we shall determine to keep doing the best as much as we can & live in peace for the rest of our journey  !!!!!!!!!!!!!