Lifestyle of many women changes during their monthly menstrual cycle. They suffer from mild to severe symptoms, pain and discomfort. Most of the women suffer from pre-menstrual cycle discomforts and few others during the cycle. In case of severity, medication may be needed. Menstrual cycle treatment can help stabilize mood swings and also improves women’s emotional well-being in the week’s pre-menstruation.

To make it comfortable, women can take a hot shower and enjoy a relaxing and restful environment. Intake of warm beverages like a cup of normal or herbal tea or hot water could help in a greater way and provide a big relief.

Common symptoms are: Stomach pain, Irritability, Body pain, Knee pain, Depression, Hypersensitivity, Crying, Feeling nervous and anxious and Flashing sadness/ anger

Top 14 ways to ease such discomforts?

  1. Hot water bath with aromatherapy oils could give a big sense of relaxation both physically and mentally
  2. Stomach & Back massage would help some women.
  3. Intake of small and frequent meals at regular intervals (six times a day instead of three big meals).
  4. Wear loose fitting & comfortable clothing during monthly cycle
  5. Hot water bottle cuddling
  6. Few physical activities like yoga, stroll will give positive moods
  7. Endorphins– Feel-good brain chemicals  are released during exercise
  8. Exercises boost energy and help with spasms and bloating
  9. Sweets, Caffeine, Alcohol to be avoided
  10. Intake of plenty of calcium eases mood shifts
  11. Regular intake of curry leaf juice and amla juices keeps the body system fresh and energetic
  12. Plenty of other fresh juices need to be taken during this period
  13. Usage of (Kasturi Manjal) turmeric powder throughout the body & especially in the underarms give anti-bacterial action and germ-free.
  14. Bathing twice a day and changing clothes especially inner wears 2-3 times a day would give a very big comfort the whole day.

Exercises on the first few days help to ease the muscles and enhances blood supply to the pelvic area.