Its obvious that each one of us has a question in our mind that “Why should I be happy?” Instead of floating this one in mind, one should ask “Why not, what’s stopping me from not being happy?”

Yes, it is important to be happy as long as we are alive. We need to believe in the fact that we are special creation of the Creator and we represent God and we are doing God’s job in this earth.

So, what are the must do’s to be Happy?

  1. Each moment we need to be happy wherever we are
  2. We need to make someone happy thereby we find happiness for ourselves
  3. To make someone happy is the best way to be happy
  4. The right time to be happy is NOW
  5. The right place to be happy is HERE- the place where you live.

We need to strongly agree with the fact that, while there are 100 reasons to cry, there are 1000 reasons to smile.

When all these are clearly understood, what stops us from being happy? Following three would be the top reasons:

  1. Negative people around us – Most of the times, we hang around with negative speaking people. As a result they make us feel worthless & depressed. These kind of negative people reach us on a complaining mode about others. Instead, we should seek for people who inspires them and makes us feel better. Always our conversation must be positive, productive and peaceful.
  2. Blame Game – The next top reason would be “blame game”– When we blame others, we lose control over our life and this one really makes our mood a terrible one. We fail to feel the sense of onus of our life.
  3. Controlling factor– It’s very important to understand the fact that, the only person who can control one is the individual who is within one. Trying to impress others and seeking approval for each and everything will totally swallow peace. As a result happiness touches zero score.

These are the top three factors which really stop one from being happy in life. So many other factors like goal setting, fear, forgetting the present & dwelling on the past also reflect in happiness and peace.