Wedding, the beautiful seven-letter word stands as a prominent mantra in everyone’s life. It symbolizes commitment and love especially, to the life partner.  A marriage ceremony binds two people in a lifetime promise. Love, Mutual Respect, Equality, and Sacrifice – all these factors stand as predominant ones for enjoying the marriage life.

Top 3 inevitable segments required for a happy wedding life:

In today’s world, the newly married couple have their own preferences on their living – be it joint or nuclear family.  This is a pivotal point in their decision-making episode because there are many factors to be considered like managing finance, responsibilities, understanding, children’s education, business revenue, security, etc. The current generation of youngsters prefers living in a nuclear family system for better privacy and independence.

Before taking a deep dive into the significance and benefits of joint families, we will look at the benefits of nuclear families as well.

People choose nuclear living system for the following reasons:

  1. Privacy and Independence
  2. Financial freedom
  3. Personal Attention to children well-being – Education, Health
  4. Specific focus
  5. Freedom in all ways & always
  6. Modern & recent trends
  7. To avoid family chaos

Though people cite all these as reasons for choosing nuclear families, everyone totally forgets the fact that, they could buy everything with money while they could not buy happiness and blessings because of  their busy schedule and selfishness.

What they think as enjoyment, privacy, freedom and happiness is not real happiness at all.

They forget to take joy and happiness with them by branding themselves with the label of the nuclear family.

How come joint family gives happiness & real joy?

Joint family need not necessarily be a composite of grandparents, aunties, uncles, niece, cousins, father, mother, son, daughter, etc. It could be very well a combo of grandparents, parents and children.

Joint family cares for each other, shoulders everyone, adjusts with the situation, tells stories about their past experience, keeps everything organized, demonstrates how to live, love, and teach us on complete SWOT analysis through life time challenges.

Joint family

  • Teaches all social wellness and taps our emotional and intelligent skills required for life.
  • Set up gives real physical & mental wellness and secured feel throughout the life.
  • Teaches all spiritual factors with do’s and dont’s without any expectations and timeframe.
  • Keeps embracing us all the time and stand as a pillar of support in all our endeavors.
  • Teaches us all sharing, caring and pairing strategies and makes us live at peace.

Above all, while in Joint Family, we learn a lot from elders on how to be transparent in life, have good understanding with all and how to manage crisis situation both in personal and professional life.

Foolish people learn from their own mistakes whereas wise people learn from others mistake. Each grandparent wants their children and grandchildren to be wise always and that’s the reason they keep telling with hypersensitive actions and proactive thoughts. The current young generation misunderstand this and think that they become a nuisance when they get older and feels that they don’t have any liberty in their life.  With this misinterpreted thought process, nowadays most of them choose nuclear families.

A moment of taking a deep breath and understanding how much they would have cared for the child when they were young as a parent and the thought that, only out of utmost care and love, they keep on advising will certainly make each one of us realize the value of parents very much.

As a result, most of us will never have the second thought of looking for a separate house leaving our parents in the other house.

Have ever our parents tried to leave us alone thinking us as a burden till 30 years till we grow though there might be “n” number of reasons to go?

In that case, why do we think of leaving our parents and choosing nuclear set up for silly reasons?

Are we not mature enough to tackle the situations at home? Are we not concerned much about family wellness?

Will distancing give solutions? If distancing really solves the problems, do you think that, there will be real love and care as it was when the family was together?

Certainly not, friction will always be there in the minds. They do not express it out. That’s all. Running away from problem will not certainly solve issues. Facing it always solve the problems.

Living life without grandparents at home is like a house without light source.