The field that has been most considerably affected by the advent and spread of Covid-19 is apparently education and healthcare.

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on how trade and production are conducted around the world. The education industry is the top industry that has been completely transformed as a result of the epidemic.

It has significantly changed and disrupted the way in which education is delivered across the world.

Education industry is one of the industries which has to change its delivery mechanism, understand the demand and supply constraints and rethink on ‘what can be the new normal’.

The Paradigm Digital Shift: –  Acquiring Digital Learning -ADL

This ADL shift must be taken as a Chance to Change and upgrade one’s skills to convert thoughts into action with respect to evolving trends in education.

This transition to digital learning is difficult because no one was prepared until Covid-19 shook the world. The way knowledge was exchanged and learned has fundamentally changed as a result of the real structures of the twenty-first century.

As a result, its subsequent impact on our lives have raised up the urge & need to adopt advanced and innovative ways of executing education services at all levels.

The education sector is taking up the need of moving to online digital mode and introducing blended teaching-learning using several Game changers:

Top 10 Game changers

The education sector needs to be transformed to keep up with global demand and supply trends.

Every stakeholder in the education system will require measures that ensure accessibility, availability, and personalization of education.

“Up skilling + Re-skilling” becomes a blended learning route and leads the education road ahead to 21st century concepts.


Strategies for the education sector

 Supply & demand

Looks for Competent instructors/ Course Coordinators/
Skilled teachers
  Aptitude   Attitude   Demand
Understanding of ICT tools like Powerpoint presentation. Refers  to the soft skills which the instructor Strategies  to identify the demand for online courses
Knowledge & work experience with online tools like Microsoft teams, zoom, Google meet, Cisco WebEx, lectures through audio and video recordings. Soft skills include communication skills and good commanding skills & confidence with which they deliver the lecture. Ensuring  proper delivery and fulfillment of demand

How do we differentiate  Innovation from Creativity?
Focus is the pivotal point that differentiates Creativity from Innovation.

                 Creativity                       Innovation
the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas
Introducing  change into relatively stable systems
It is subjective and hard to measure It is measurable and is concerned with the work required to make an idea viable.

Theodore Levitt puts it best: ‘What is often lacking is not creativity in the idea-creating sense but innovation in the action-producing sense, i.e. putting ideas to work.

Eight Enrichment Activities for Innovative teaching at Classroom

  1. Kindle imaginative skills
  2. Tap intrinsic motivation
  3. Help see differences & not similarities
  4. Create skill-based awards
  5. Encourage to think out of the box  & trial-error work
  6. Create wow-factor everyday
  7. Do error analysis
  8. Teach students to admire & inspire others

Top 5 steps to get started immediately


Readiness for Real-world

Innovative ways for real-world success


Conclusion: Impending 21st-century competencies must be considered as part of a whole-school strategy to developing skills and talents. Similarly, it must become a joint responsibility of both instructors and parents, with only consistency and continuity of methods ensuring success.