What exactly is spiritual awakening/awareness, and how do we understand the same?

Awareness of an individual/ self and the ability to connect between the inner world and outer world. Awareness or awakening happens when one is able to understand connection and separation and differentiate the same.

What about the most popular Awakened People?

When we talk about Awakened people, we remember our Swami Vivekananda, Adhi Sankarar, Ramakrishna Paramahamsar, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and so many.


& Awakening

Concentration becomes the base for awakening and the prime thing to do is to improve concentration power.

To execute that, we need to take up an idea and that idea should be made as our life. Keeping that one idea in mind, we need to spin on it by thinking of it, dreaming of it, breathing of it and thereby loving the same and living by the same. Let each cell of our body, blood, brain, muscles, nerves, be filled with that one idea. This would stand as the baseline for success and same way great spiritual people are produced.

What about other people then?

Yes, others are mere speaking toys being much mechanical in their life. They totally dwell on past and future rather dwelling in the present. Their lives become dependent on materialistic benefits and they less understand the outcome of three vital factors of life- Love, Care and Gratitude and this LCG factor can be spread everywhere through “Sharing, Caring & Pairing”.

We need to understand,” it’s not how much we give and how much love we put into giving”… matters a lot.

Most of our spiritually aligned Celebrities refer to an “inner voice” – the topmost hallmark of spiritual psychology applied to life and social action.

What are the major SIGNS of spiritual awakening?

1. Observing Self- Patterns

The first step in growth is a two way mechanism
So, the first sign of awakening is noticing. We may be running through life without giving much thought to whom we are, what we want actually, why are we here and what we are going to do in this birth.

It’s time for us to stop for a while and question ourselves… thereby we get to know where we are in spiritual awakening…

  1. Do I get angry very often and why is it so?
  2. Do I compare myself with others always?
  3. I plan something and I rarely do it….why?
  4. Why do I attract so many negative factors though I know I should not?
  5. Why I am not able to value the treasure in hands?

2. Establishing Sense of Connect
  1. Connect to Self (the Inner world)
  2. Connect to the Universe ( the Outer world)

 The above said sense of connect occurs when one starts seeing the reality with God’s eye and when one realizes that he or she is here to do God’s job….yes , the core purpose of being here is “We are pure helpers from God’s dynasty”

When we start seeing each thing with positivity and selflessness, we connect to our inner self and we will be able to see only the possibility in every circumstance.

Same way, from the inner world we try to connect to the Universe with an open mind and a big canvas for listening.

We listen…whereas we do not react instead we should respond.

We see…whereas we should not take it up as such…instead we need to perceive.

That’s how we cultivate a calm state of mind and try to handhold between attachment and detachment.

3. High time to find the Inner Peace

We need to understand that, things would never go wrong in life ….it all matters the way how we do not get carried away by emotional thoughts.

Instead how we stay strong and take logical decisions despite of all emotional shakes.

We need to accept that our Inner peace is an Illuminator of positive emotions and same way a spoilsport over adverse ones.

Other ways are:

  • Increase in Intuition
  • Synergizing with Synchronicity
  • Action with Authenticity
  • Connecting with Compassion
  • Eradicating death fear
  • Flourishing with the fortunes

Best ways to practice Spiritual Awakening

  1. Laugh with open heart like a child
  2. Dance with extreme joy
  3. Spend lot of time with nature
  4. Meditate happily by observing your breathe
  5. Show gratitude & be a helper always


We ought to do things out of happiness and not for happiness And so the very spirit of education is the concentration of mind, certainly not the accumulating of facts. Once concentration power increases, fact collection can be done at will.

The knowledge of the Outer & Inner world is gained by Concentration of the powers of the mind.

Our human mind has got unconditional powers and the more concentrated one is, the more powerful he is and all his powers can be brought to one point to attain all his goals.