SES Spins on

What SES is?
Socioeconomic status (SES) is an acquired combo of educational accomplishment, occupational reputation, income flow and subjective sensitivities of social status and social class.

Furthermore, we need to understand that SES is a dependable and reliable forecaster of a massive array of outcomes across our life span.

This would have a reflection which would be directly proportional to physical and psychological health/ wellness.

Thus, SES is a relevant & common factor maximum a base to all territories of behavioral and social science, including research, practice, education and advocacy.


SES – Impact in our life

SES affects overall human operational process, including physical and mental health.

Our parents’ socioeconomic status will determine many things about our early development: how we view the world; in what way, how much, and how often we eat; what type of early childhood education we get; our overall health; or how others view about us. It directly & indirectly creates impact in our future either as success or failure in life.

What are the 6 socioeconomic factors?

What are the impacts of
socio economic factors on education?

Many students attend schools with weak or poor infrastructure, which directly impacts a learner’s academic performance. Students in urban areas attend schools without quality libraries and study areas, broken-down and overloaded classrooms.

Do social factors affect learning?

The social environment effects learning by creating a morphological atmosphere with an excellent & conducive environment which stimulate the mind to expand and grow, and there by analytically rewarding a child for understanding and learning.

What about economic factors?

These factors actually have got a huge impact on the development of a child. Family income has a major influence on the opportunities children could have in their lifetime starting from womb to tomb.

Socioeconomic status is normally fragmented into three levels (high, middle, and low) and to describe the three phases a family or an individual may fall in relation to others.

Major fact is that, SES is associated with growth factors based on intelligence.
For instance, low SES in childhood reflects in poor cognitive development, language, memory, socio expressive processing, and consequently poor income and health in adulthood.

Inadequate education and increased failure rates affect children’s academic achievement, propagating the low-SES status of the community.

As an Individual, how to fix SES issues?

The below factors are to be followed & executed by every individual in life with utmost sincerity and understanding:

  • Realizing Who am I?
  • My purpose of birth
  • Am I going to see my profession as a career or calling?
  • Focused attention
  • Alignment with the objective taken
  • Responsibility & perseverance
  • Dedication coupled with smart & hard work
  • Love & Gratitude (LG factor)
  • SMART goal sheet
  • My predominant intelligence & skills
  • What I do with what I have?
  • Seeing positive possibilities

SES prevails everywhere across the world. The Universe has given resources in abundance. Grabbing the abundant flow rests in the minds and efforts put by individuals.

Using intelligence, skills and operating on self-realization and actualization of the same would certainly upgrade the socio-economic status of any individual.

What we do with what we have matters a lot…