As we all know, love and anger are the two most powerful energies in the world.

Science strived to ascertain the type of chemicals released by the brain and the types of hormones secreted by different glands in the body under stress, and it has achieved fractional success as well.

The inference that science drew from these experiments was, human beings know-how the urges of diverse emotions because of specific chemicals released by the brain.

In leadership, there are times when you need to be mentally tough to steer through complex information. In life, there are times when you need to be mentally sharp, to make good decisions fast. 

In those times you need to be mentally strong. That means managing your emotions, adjusting your thinking, and choosing to take positive action whatever your circumstances. 

But like any physical strength, mental strength doesn’t just happen. It has to be developed.

React and respond positively

Must be mindful

Embrace hard times

Be aware of self-talk

Erase “Can’t” from mind

Trip toward success

Focus on the moment

Challenge oneself

Find solutions then & there

Be Fearless

Control  in mind

Commitment to task

Skill Acquisition

Confidence in self

Take decisive actions

Think Long-term 

Express all moments

Build Character

Be grateful

Stumble toward success

Self- learning from the Past is a must

One must think and have analysis on self

  1. List of events that have been most stressful for me
  2. How did these events typically affect me?
  3. What have I learned about myself?
  4. How were my interactions with others during difficult times?
  5. What factors have helped make me feel more hopeful about the future?

As we all know, resilient mindset is a flexible mindset. As we encounter traumatic circumstances and events in our life, it is helpful to uphold flexibility and stability in the following ways. 

Let us know-how strong emotions, and realize we may need to put them aside in order to be effective and concrete in our decisions. 

Being proactive and stepping forward to deal with our problems and meeting the demands of daily living is a much important and then it is also a must factor to know when to step back and reboot oneself.

Above all, spending time with loved ones is equally important.

Certain ways to improve Mental Stamina

Mental Stamina is like a grown fusion between perseverance and flexibility.

  • Positive thinking
  • Visualizing ability
  • Setback plans
  • Stress management
  • Adequate sleep

Mental strength improves as your physical strength increases. Regular exercise keeps you feeling mentally balanced, content, and resilient. To be physically strong and healthy one has to take care of the following:

  • Exercise daily – 45 mts of exercises
  • Eat right food and portion your meal
  • Get good sleep
  • Stay motivated


To get a much better and stronger   mind, we need to do the right thing and follow through. Same way, we need to be as deaf frogs to criticisms and better to focus on matters what makes us happy.