What do we say when someone asks to describe ourselves? Obviously we pause for a while….

Most of us would say….. “I am a hard worker and I worked hard to reach this point of my life and even now working hard to become more successful during the rest part of my life”.

I love & care more for some others than I do myself.  I keep myself relaxed by my casual attitude”. “I keep smiling always smile as I’m very optimistic about life”.

Few others would say…”I was educated to be caring and sympathetic”. “I would say that, I was also taught to believe in myself and never put down myself at any circumstance as I know I can accomplish everything”.

“I was taught not to trust people. I’m the peculiar breed of my family as I am not like others”.

What are the strong words would people expect from us as replies?

Some of the strong & popular words would be:

Why personality stands important?

Personality makes one look good, respectable, helps to walk with a smile and add value to one’s presence in a gathering. It really helps to look at the brighter sides of life and face even the most awful situations with a big smile.

On general, it is understood that human personality is a little more than psychodynamic concepts as it involves nature & nurture.

Attitudes and actions are built on Environmental factors and Heredity

Many articles cite that, different forms of psychotherapy techniques prove that adolescent’s life effect different adolescents differently. Many adolescents have different interpretations on the same issue.

Why is it important to identify your own personality?

Knowing your own personality can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, understand feelings, attention and actions, and ways to control emotional behaviour in various situations.

How do I see  my personality?

When I know to read self and start loving myself, I take a deep dive on my strengths and weaknesses. I start analysing self and work on concepts which give me happiness.

Understanding self becomes a predominant quality and gradually I start differentiating positivity and negativity.

I keep dwelling on uplifting my abilities and start taking up challenges with total willingness.

When I do everything out of happiness and willingness, I start seeing my abilities and confidence grow as hand in glove.

All my personal abilities tap my personality to a peak level.

I keep seeing my aura filled with all positive vibes which keeps whispering in my ears that…..”I can do….if not me who else can do?….if not now….when can I do?…..and yes, I understand that I can do….I can do….”

Positive Personality Traits


Personal ability with total positivity and efforts taken up to tap the inborn talents and skills would certainly reflect on Personality.
Tapping right talents at the right time with right telescopic approach would help one to accomplish peak possibilities in life.