Authenticity- Integrity- Responsibility” is the three important key takeaways of life…….

In general, core values signify that who we are & certainly not who we want to be. To articulate the core values, we need to understand how these three takeaways are important in life.

Why the value of authenticity is significant?

Authenticity stimulates faithfulness and commitment
When we connect authentically we will be able to express & explore ourselves more effectively and create curiosity in the mind of other person.

When this happens, we can bring our total self, our thoughts, feelings, and experience with the people/situation around us.

Integrity & its importance:

Surveys and articles say that  great leaders always have one consistent characteristic trait in each of them and that is – Integrity.

Integrity in a sense that, placing our personal agendas away to focus on the greater good of others (personal/professional). Most of the genuine leaders idealize integrity by keeping up their promises irrespective of situations.

When we are honest and straight forward, people become more responsive and they start listening to us which makes us feel more assertive.

How can we incorporate honesty and integrity into our life?

By Keeping up promises
By Keeping up the commitment & timelines
By Paying attention to the existing environment
By Staying focused always
By Surrounding self with honest people
By Taking up responsibility
By Respecting fellow friends

What is responsibility?

Responsibility is the ability to respond & being proactively prepared. It is a great factor that does not get handicapped by fear or overwhelmed by anxiety.

It is actually accepting ambiguity/insecurity, knowing what we can do what we can control, and letting go off matters what we cannot.

Responsibility affords an intellect of purpose and builds resilience amongst hardship on an individual and societal level.

Purpose comes from a sense of contribution and connection to something and first of all, it is a prime requisite of any individual to take up self-responsibility.

To implement this, we need to organize the chaos in our physical environment and the commotion in our daily routines of life. Priorities must be given for regular exercise, food and sleep.

How to become responsible within the wider society?

First & foremost step is to seek/balance alignment between our abilities and role that is required to be played. Knowing inner strengths and cultivating them is an art.

Non-alignment between strengths, values, and interests might hinder the potential level in work, resulting in a low sense of purpose within the role.

Acting/operating with authenticity enables one to take up responsibility in totality. Responsibility thereby creates Integrity which leads to successful outcomes. When we are clear about our values, we will be able to achieve different results.

By being the best version of ourselves, we can be the most caring & supportive person to others in the society.