How much ever we earn, whatever position we hold, everyone’s ultimate requirement in life is peace. 

To get peace, first we need to be purposeful in the way we live and by being purposeful, we become powerful…..when these two “P” fall in line, 3rd P- Peace falls in line automatically.

How are we going to put all these three “P”s in a linear space?

 Living with a purpose give us a sense of living and it make us happier, gratified, fruitful, flowing, more robust through hard times, excited and more alive than others.

Understanding this, how are we going to execute this in real life?

When we live with a sense of purpose, we tend to have:

  1. Amplified optimism, resiliency and hope
  2. Time for others in a constructive way which helps to strengthen relationships and build new ones
  3. Reflection on what’s important to achieve the goal

Top five benefits of a purpose-driven life:

  1. Makes life meaningful
  2. Simplifies life
  3. Rejuvenates energy
  4. Gives motivation
  5. Prepares us for infinity
  6. Strengthens our immune system

And henceforth, we understand that Life without a purpose has no sense”

How to expand power within?

Power can be exercised on a small scale.

  • Must utilize the power-confidence loop
  • Must use powerful language with self and others
  • Must speak powerfully
  • Must list out 5 people who makes us powerful
  • Must know when to say yes and when to say no

What makes a human being powerful?

Powerful people know how to strategize, organize and resolve issues. They do not create them. Power can be earned and learned and it is the ability to influence the behavior of others.

What is meant by peace in real life?

Peace is generally used to mean a lack of fight and liberty from fear of forcefulness between individuals or groups.

How to Find Inner Peace

and Happiness

  1. Spending time in nature
  2. Doing meditation
  3. Always being grateful
  4. Taking responsibility for your actions
  5. Don’t let the past mistakes define self
  6. Must love self
  7. Practice acceptance and contentment
  8. Must de clutter worries

How to achieve inner peace?

  1. Accept life as it is
  2. Do not be judgmental
  3. Transform your habits into priorities
  4. Run-through mindfulness

 Keep mind in harmony with the present instant. We must use our willpower to choose thoughts that make you feel at peace.

Henceforth, to be purposeful, peaceful and powerful- we need to do the following:

  • We need to pay attention throughout the day to our thoughts
  • We need to put an end to thoughts which hurt us

Instead we need to switch over to thoughts that help us feel at peace


Henceforth by correlating purpose and power in life, peace falls in pace & place. Understanding this, we need to live our life best by creating inner peace.  “Peace of mind is therefore, mostly related with bliss, happiness and satisfaction.”