We are fortunate to live in this 21st century which lays the platform for team work, self-learning & self- exploration irrespective of gender.

Today’s scenario shows that women are no way lesser than any man, as their growth is predominantly seen in almost every sector.

The above factor is amazing and it kindles the spirit of every woman to think out of the box.

Common reasons why women choose to work

Its very important that certain factors have to be considered while keeping up the career/jobs even after women get married and experiencing motherhood.

Top Three Factors that urges women to look for jobs

Financial independence:

  • This is the most imperative factor that pedals the quality of a woman’s life.
  • It acts as a beautiful liberating aspect to enhance her living style with respect.
  • When women become financially stable, she bears her own expenses and becomes self- dependent.
  • Earning money gives a sense of self-accomplishment and self-identity,
  • No sense of guilt for being dependent on family members.
  • Can Support her Family Financially in a parallel way with her partner and similarly becomes much helpful in case of becoming a single parent/ in cases where husband becomes jobless due to various circumstances.
  • Some way or the other when women work, she can enhance her family and her dependents live with financial stability.

Purposeful Life:

  • Working gives a bigger sense of purpose and fulfilment.
  • Having a life of her own and living it in her own terms is very essential.
  • Working helps women to grow as a healthier person who is knowledgeable, confident and gives an optimistic effect.


  •  Women’s identity happens in the outside world as being a wife/daughter/mother.
  • On a common note, we knew that, once a woman gets married, she totally loses her own identity and individuality.
  • Therefore, having one’s own self-identity in this society is very important for building her growth and confidence- be it personal relationship/professional relationship/ financial issues, etc.

Above all, being in a job gives a sense of self for women.

Beneficial factors of a job

  • Gives satisfied life with inner happiness
  • Self-assurance, sustenance and peace of mind
  • Biggest marital fulfilment and excellence
  • Role model to kids
  • Relaxed old age
  • Gaining stronger intra/inter personal skillsets
  • Self-confidence & outer world reality

Tips for working women to strike a balance between
personal life & professional life


When woman become a workforce, she becomes a powerful & purposeful asset both for her family & society. Henceforth, with a core objective in life, woman can make her ordinary life a peak positive one beyond her livelihood and everything.