The life of human beings has never been static since the moment of conception to the time of death where stages of life keep undergoing changes.

When changes happen at a pace, it is called as growth and development.

Thus, development is a process by which an individual grows and this is a progressive series of methodical, comprehensible changes during the entire life time.

For example, various developments are as follows:

Principles of Growth and Development:

As we all know growth and development do not take place in a random manner in a human being and there are certain principles that cause the processes of development.

In general, Growth refers to structural and physiological changes which includes increase in size, height and weight.

Whereas development refers to changes in the organism as a complete one.

How can we understand growth and development?

It could be measured and stops at maturityIt can be observed and gets continued throughout the life
Growth may or may not bring developmentDevelopment takes place even without growth
It is quantitative & takes place through twin process of differentiation and integration.It is an extensive process & it is both quantitative & qualitative
Education, resources and healthy life tops the list on understanding the various aspects of human development.

Actual reasons for studying human development are to increase an understanding of self- life experience, helping others understand what they’re going through (both physical & mental wellness), understanding the relationship of society, growth as self & team and to lead more effectively.

What is the actual concept of development?

  • Development is an individualized process of human beings
  • It continues to follow an orderly pattern by proceeding from heteronomy (dependence) to autonomy.
  • It becomes predictable and proceeds from general to specific leading to integration.
  • Development is cumulative & becomes the product of the interaction between maturation and learning.
  • It is the outcome of the interaction between heredity and environment.

Why development is a holistic process?

It is holistic as the effect of each area of development cannot be separated out easily.


  • Development in each area influences development in the other.
  • Development of physical skills makes the infant more active and helps him to discover his surroundings.
  • This shows a positive reflection in cognitive development.
  • Language development helps the child to interact with more people & communicate better.
  • This interaction has a significant influence on this social

Thus, a child becomes a complete person with the exposure, experiences and skills in one area influencing (directly/indirectly) the development in other areas. Henceforth, development stands holistic always.


Based on all these, we conclude that, monitoring child’s development is┬áto analyze whether the development scale is on the right track and take grip on the same then and there.

Thus, development is totally a complex process where the outcome has got a spiralling effect on all activities in all dimensions.